April 23

Ma journee typique du lundi

Titre- Ma Journée Typique de lundi


A la fin de notre unité sur Une journée Typique dans la classe de français, Madame Sylvie nous a demandé de faire un projet pour démontrer ce que nous avions appris. J’ai choisi CANVA pour montrer les activités que je fais dans une journée typique comme lundi. Nous devions aussi utiliser l’horloge de 24 heures pour indiquer à quelle heure on faisait chaque activité. Après, nous avons présenté notre projet à la classe. J’ai peur et  j’aurais pu améliorer le fait de regarder les gens plus souvent

Cliquer sur le lien pour visionner  mon projet! Link!

March 30

Inovation day

Hello fellow beings, yesterday I finished a project called “innovation day”. here are pictures, enjoy, or perish.

Here are facts: Windmills have been used for over 2000 tears for pumping water with the energy it makes. They also use windmills for grinding grain. When the wind turns the blades of a windmill, it creates kinetic energy. Then they also make the shaft in the nacelle( a nacelle is kinda like a jet) turn and a generator in the nacelle converts this kinetic energy into electrical energy. The average wind turbine can power more than 1,500 average European households.  A wind turbine blade can be around 90 meters long. Wind turbines normally stand over 328 ft tall. Our idea is to make a windmill that powers a park. Our park will have lamps/lights and more things that need electricity to run. We will use materials like (plastic, wood, cardboard etc.). The lights will have real mini light bulbs. We will use a fan to spin the windmill, and/or our hands.

March 9

Les vikings

 Pendant notre cours d’Études Sociales avec Madame Sylvie, nous avons appris beaucoup de faits intéressants au sujet des Premiers Explorateurs. Pour conclure ce chapitre, nous devions choisir un groupe d’explorateurs de notre choix. Moi, j’ai choisi le vikings. Après ma recherche, j’ai préparé une présentation avec CANVA. Voici quelques faits intéressants que j’ai appris sur les Vikings. Les Vikings ont volé des choses des bateaux d’autres peuples. Les vikings volent des matériaux, Les Vikings étaient des voleurs, des pirates, les Vikings faisaient aussi du commerce, Les Vikings conquérir L’angleterre en sept cent quatre-vingt-trois AD jusqu’à mille soixante-six AD.  Ci-dessous, vous trouverez mon projet.

January 13

Scientists in the School!

Hey guys, today I’m going to tell you all about the Scientists in the School thing we did. The Scientists in the School was a scientist that we saw on a zoom call. He mailed us a bag filled with stuff. One of the things he gave us was a plastic container filled with a mystery powder. He said that the experiment that we were going to do today is figuring what’s in the mystery powder. He said that we should have a plastic container of Epsom salt, baking soda, vitamin C, corn starch,etc. First, we filled three plastic containers with warm water. Then, we tried to see how many tea spoons of each chemical we would need to put in until it wouldn’t dissolve. Then, we put some of each of the liquids on a paper and we waited until it dissolved. Until then we put some vitamin C and other things together and added cabbage powder and we saw it bubble, and that’s how we knew what was in it. It was cornstarch and baking soda.

December 1

Bottle cap pen

                                   Bottle cap pen

 Sometimes I have trouble making my drawings thicker. Have YOU ever noticed how hard it is to make your drawings thicker? Our new project allows you to choose the size of your pen. allow me to introduce the T pen. It makes drawing better and more fun. There already is a pen like this, but it’s super expensive, this one is pretty cheap. 


                                It will make drawing easier

 It can grow and shrink which makes it super handy for drawing because you can switch the font without having to switch pens. The T pen is really handy for writing! The pen itself isn’t very big, so it’s good, like a normal pen but with better features. 



 If you think this idea is bad for all sorts of reasons, then maybe you’re right, and if you are right, then good for you, but at least it’s reusable. all the parts of the pen are reusable. 

The pen is reusable because it’s basically a sponge with color in it. So just take off the sponge and squeeze the color out of it and use it as a sponge.

 A lot of it is made from plastic, so you can just remelt it down and make something else. The bottle itself can be used for other projects so it’s also reusable here’s a link to bottle caps in case you want to make your own. Bottle cap fun time


                                   Everyone can use It

The fact that our pen can grow makes it easy for almost everyone to use. For example, blind people can feel how big the size of the marker is, disable people without hands can use their feet, Etc. If you’re mute, deaf, Etc, then you can use the pen just fine, if you can’t use it, that’s fine too, you can have a friend draw with and or for you.



So in the end, the pen is really easy to use, it’s reusable, it makes drawing easier, and everyone can use it, so in the end, it’s really helpful. So, I think you should buy it, just saying, even though that’s my opinion. But if you do, use its power for good

May 4

cookie excavation project.🍪🍪🍪🍪

Hello everyone, today I am going to tell you about my cookie excavation project and how it went. First of all you need to know what geologists are before I can tell you about my project. Geologists have a cool and strange job, they find rocks and research them and sometimes if there lucky the rocks can have some kind of weird information about the past. If your wondering what I mean by information, I mean that if a rock was created by a volcano it would have signs on it that you can research. Here is some more info about geologists.


What Ms. M told us to do is to take a cookie and a toothpick, skewer, and mini stick to excavate(excavate means to break, crack something and see the inside) the cookie. Ms. M also wanted us to write how many chocolate chips we thought there were, and then excavate the cookie to see if we were right. Here’s a picture of me excavating my cookie. Here is a short video of someone explaining what geologists are, in case you want more info