March 25

Innovation Day


Building and testing a parade float

Problem: Can I build a parade float that can travel 50 cm and hold 100g?

Hypothesis: I thought that I could probably make a parade float that can hold 100g and travel 50 centimetres.



Bamboo skewers




Plastic golf balls

Optional hot glue, Markers, Coloured pencils, and cotton balls.

First I drew a picture of my parade float and the next day I started to build it. After that I took cardboard and made a cube and used tape to attach the cardboard together. Then you take bamboo skewers and add them to the bottom of the cardboard cube with tape and if you want you can use hot glue. Then you add plastic golf balls on the end of the bamboo skewers and add rubber bands so the plastic golf balls don’t fall off. The way you put on the rubber bands is put it on the bamboo skewers edge and twirl it and put it over and keep doing that over and over. Then decorate your float if you want.


It worked and then it didn’t work but then it worked when my friend videoed it. It traveled 70 cm.


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1 thoughts on “Innovation Day

  1. Chelsea Cleveland

    70 cm! WOW! That went further than your original challenge goal! What do you think made it go a further distance? Also, I like that you shared that it worked and then that it didn’t. I wonder what happened? Did you figure it out? Inventions and math is all about trial and error and making mistakes. I’m so glad that you kept up and kept going with it! The best inventions have a lot of mistakes behind them before they found one that worked! Great work!


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