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Covid is a virus that came in 2019. Click on this link to see Covid cases in the world. Covid is infecting more and more people every day and we are trying to find a vaccine to stop it. There are some companies that are developing vaccines for covid and they’re trying their very best. Two companies have already developed vaccines that work and some countries are already vaccinating their citizens.


Kids can get covid but they usually don’t feel it. Also kids don’t get infected as much as adults.That’s good because if they don’t get infected they can go to school. Covid is made out of three parts as you can see the E protein,S protein and the M protein.

Covid enters a person’s body by large respiratory droplets containing the virus that adhere to mucous membranes of a person’s eyes, nose and mouth. Viruses are tiny organisms that live inside of you when you have a viral infection like covid, it means that the virus is living inside your body. Based on what we currently know, transmission of covid is primarily from people when they have symptoms.  It can also occur before they develop symptoms. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=BtN-goy9VOY

At least we don’t have covid, otherwise…we would have to be in quarantine for 2 weeks. We would have to get a covid test and nobody and I mean nobody likes covid tests. Leave a comment if you disagree.


Like the video said we want a low bump not a high one. That way everybody can be treated so we don’t make a decision who lives and who dies. Like the video said if you get Covid, bacteria will Infect you and you can die. That’s why masks and social distancing are very important and that’s also why there’s quarantine and lockdowns. So if you see people make sure you wear a mask and be, but if you are outside you don’t have to as long as you social distance.


Although Covid has been difficult for a lot of people, there are some good things that happened because of Covid. First, it’s better for the environment.Second, Covid has made us keep better personal hygiene. And third, a lot of people get to spend more time with their family.


We all hope that the pandemic will end soon and we can go back to meeting our families and friends in person. But, I hope that we can keep some of the good things we learned from Covid even after it’s gone. 


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4 thoughts on “COVID

  1. Liam

    Hi Blue Energy,
    Thanks for telling more info to being safe and other things can I also really hope that covid 19 will end be safe
    From Liam

  2. jbennett31 (Post author)

    Hi Blue Energy
    I totally agree with you. We should keep our distance like you said and wear a mask. I hope you are safe as well as all of us


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